UNDERSTANDING EID (FESTIVAL) IN ISLAM For every group of people irrespective of their religious, political, racial or ethnic inclination, there is always something worthy of celebration, a time to celebrate and a way of celebrating. This is why man celebrates and announces what he values to the world. To the Darwinist/Atheist nothing remains valuable other than freedom, independence, anniversary...the list is endless as it depends on whatever appeals to the deprived mind and poses to fill the vacuum created by lack of believe in God. Cultures and religions no matter how baseless, illogical or laughable their creed appears to be also celebrate the core values and significant periods of their culture and religion. This is why gods/goddesses are celebrated worldwide even if the said god is cow, snake, river or even an imaginary or assumed being. Christians celebrate the brutal, merciless and inhuman murder of their personal Lord and saviour-Jesus Christ. Hinduists, Buddhists, Taoists as


THE BELIEF IN GOD, RELIGION AND SCIENCE Believe in God has been an object of debate especially between evolutionists and religious adherents. To understand this one need to reflect a bit on the genesis of the argument. Modern historiography describes the origin of our belief in the very existence of God/gods as evolutionary i.e. religion gave birth to philosophy which in turn gave birth to science. It is therefore claimed that Tue scientific age the peak of human evolution and thus there could be no further evolution. This assumption is based on the following claims about the three concepts -religion, philosophy, and science. -Religion originated out of fear of unknown, ignorance of the environment and the works of nature. Early man was claimed to have been astounded by the sight and work if nature which he had no logical or scientific explanation for. This made man to believe in the existence of supreme beings and there worshipped them in different forms. Different human group start


INTRODUCTION ‘And say, praise is due to God and peace upon His servants whom he has chosen, Is God not better than what they associate with Him?’ Praise be to Almighty God and may His blessings be upon the noble prophet, Muhammad , his household, his companions and those who follow his foot step till the day of  judgment. ‘The best among you is the one who learns the Quran and teaches it’ ‘That Allah guides through you a man is better for you than the spoils of war’. Thus enjoining what is good and forbidding what is evil as well as giving sincere advice (naseeha) to the whole Ummah is an obligation on every Muslim depending on their level of knowledge and proficiency in the religion. The issue of clothing and beautification is still confusing to many people especially in those parts of the Muslim world where the Quran and Sunnah has been abandoned for superstitious believe and innovations. Adult Muslims as well as the youth are ignorant of the basic knowledge of their religion whil